6 Baby Rabbits
Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Male Cardinal
Seventeen Year Locust - June 22, 1997
Red-Tailed Hawk on Edgewood Rd
at Crestwood DR NW - Cedar Rapids
Bald Eagles - Burlington, Iowa Riverfront - 2006-2013
Upper Mississippi River Mile Marker 403.7
Northeast Iowa Near Balltown ~ October 16th, 2005
Hugh Hardin
Past Van Buren
County Sheriff
x89-1 and Iowa
Highway Patrol x81
J.Roy Myers
FPD  x51-21
Doug Cutts
IHP x170
Des Moines
Instructions: Click to Enlarge any of these 4 Police Photos above.
Next,  while moving your head from side-to-side in front of your
monitor,  watch as their eyes, hands and weapons appear to
follow you!
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Placed 6th in the Miss Rodeo America 2007 Pageant!!!!!   Way to go Erika!
The Famous
Hastings Clydesdales
New London, Iowa
The Ronettes - "Walking in the Rain" - by 19 y/o Veronica Bennett
~Listen for the Holiday/Xmas Carol Rhythm Beat Sound in the Background~
Delbert Nordyke
Fairfield /Jefferson
County Iowa
Police Reserve
Killdeer w/Eggs
Iowa State Capitol
Des Moines
Starting in Chautauqua Park, a 70 mph high speed chase southbound past the
old JC Hospital on Maple Street continuing across the Fairfield Golf & CC course
[while Carol Ann Higgins and Dr Jim and Allie Lu Dunlevy, playing golf,
scrambled out of the way] resulted in the stolen Jeep crashing into the creek on
the south side of the Golf Course.   The manhunt and capture of the fugitive in a
cornfield [in an area now known as “Timberlake Estates" in SE Fairfield] then
occurred.   The Indiana Perp pictured below and his cohort (immobilized in the
crash and not pictured) were held in jail in Fairfield until transferred back to
Indiana by Indiana Authorities for auto theft.
June 14,1977
Paul Simon
- Kodachrome -
Deer Herd at Behner's
House Wrens
Praying Mantis
On Rose 10/6/15
Before Iowa
Speed Limit
was Lowered
to 70 mph
in the 1950's
Douds, Iowa Bank
Robbers Captured
Along with $15,000
West of Libertyville, Iowa
December 28, 1978
TJ Stuart is "For the Birds!"