Traditional Fairfield Square at Christmas
The Senior Girls of FHS at Prom - April 16th, 2005
Jefferson Co Courthouse
- Fairfield, Iowa
FHS Class of 1954
50th Reunion
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FHS'54 Class Reunion
Names to match Photo
Memorial Day - Fairfield Style
Jo Justmann
10/7/44 - 1/25/07

I'll see to it that
your red pencil
stays sharpened !

.......... Mort
Floyd Cramer
"Last Date"
Emily Humble - KMCD-KKFD
Pete Drake
FHS Class of
45th Reunion
June 2007
FHS Class of 1957
50th Reunion
September 2007
Walton Club
FHS Class of 1952
55th Reunion
Fairfield Square
September 2007
Fairfield Iowa Town Square
as seen from the SE Corner
1907 ~ 2007
Fairfield's "Live on the Square"
During the Summer
FHS Class of 1948
60th Reunion
October 2008
The Late
Butch Barnes, above,
and FPD - Lt. Russ
Schafer, aka: 'Blacky',
right,  were
FHS Class of 1954
55th Reunion
September 2009
Starting in Chautauqua Park, a 70 mph high speed chase southbound past the old
JC Hospital on Maple Street continuing across the Fairfield Golf & CC course
[while Carol Ann Higgins and Dr Jim and Allie Lu Dunlevy, playing golf,
scrambled out of the way] resulted in the stolen Jeep crashing into the creek on
the south side of the Golf Course.   The manhunt and capture of the fugitive in a
cornfield [in an area now known as “Timberlake Estates" in SE Fairfield] then
occurred.   The Indiana Perp pictured below and his cohort (immobilized in the
crash and not pictured) were held in jail in Fairfield until transferred back to
Indiana by Indiana Authorities for auto theft.
June 14, 1977
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Heartland Co-Op
Fairfield, Iowa in
Rich Keller's
Rich Keller - Mort Gaines
Before Iowa
Speed Limit
was Lowered
to 70 mph
in the 1950's
Before Iowa
Speed Limit
was Lowered
to 70 mph
in the 1950's
My Long Time Monte Carlo
*Butch Barnes*
Wouldn't Buy Himself a
New Car unless it
would do 100mph in the
Good ol' Days
Fairfield's Own
MLB Broadcaster and
Hall of Famer
- Milo Hamilton -
9/2/1927 - 9/17/2015
With Charlotte Lamb
3/28/1929 - 3/5/2014
Helen Stewart
of Fairfield's
Universal Producing Co
3/3/1909 ~ 3/15/1993
Douds, Iowa Bank
Robbers Captured
Along with $15,000
West of Libertyville, Iowa
December 28, 1978