Memorial Auditorium - Burlington, Iowa - October 22nd, 2004
Steve Long
Steve Long
Dave Pearson
Colin - Steve - Bob
From the Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Drummer Steve Vanderah formerly of
The Quarrymen - Dubuque, Iowa
Curt & Sue Kieffer - Colin & Dana Andre
Jefferson County Park - Fairfield, Iowa
Curt & Sue Kieffer
Colin & Dana Andre
Northeast Iowa Near Balltown ~ October 16th, 2005
Driving "Interstate-80 Across Iowa" Song
The Kingsmen of Portland,
Oregan w/ Mike Mitchell:Lead
Guitar & Don
Gallucci:Keyboard  - -Spring
1964 - - "MONEY" - -
Davie Allan & The Arrows
"Blues Theme" - 1967
"Money" [That's What I Want]
Myrtle French's Friend
Fidel Saar "
"Working Where the Sun Don't Shine"
by Bowser & Blue
Following a Hard Day's Night at
Mr. Moto's,  Bob is all
strummed out!
It is no easy task, but here
Jamie works his Magical
Fingers in another failed
attempt to bring Bob back from
The 60's.
Santo & Johnny
Colin Andre and I each took these 3 Balltown pictures separately together.
Colin insisted we stayed there until the sun got real low to cast the long shadows
for more impact in the middle photo we took from a cliff.  Of course he was right.....
Fairfield, Iowa
Long Time Missouri
Basketball Coach
~ Stormin' Norm Stewart ~
~ Song For You ~
Michael Buble Vocal - Chris Botti Trumpet
~ Pipeline ~
By Chantay
Spring 1963
An Oil Painting by Colin Andre
on Commission
By Iowa's Own Greg Brown
Wedding Rings
Created by
Colin Andre
Custom Jewelry
-Junior Walker and the All Stars-
The Beatles 1964
" HUSH "
- Deep Purple -
Aug 17, 1968