Heath Gaines Custom Flooring
Fairfield, Iowa
Office 641.470.1400
Cell: 641.919.1407
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Iowa State Bank
Fairfield, Iowa
A Special Thanx to my friends Derek  Andre - Minneapolis
and Kristy Hedger - Cleveland
for their Digital Photo & Web Site Technical Support
Bob's Auto Bob & Mary Keller
Industrial Park
Fairfield, Iowa
(Thanx to Mary for many hours
of Web Site Assistance)
This is The Great Guy who has kept me out of the "White Cane Zone"
for many years,  thus allowing me to keep working at this job I love!
.......................................................Thanx DDS.................Mort Gaines
Bentonsport, Iowa
Chris Bennett's
"Nile Kinnick"
for the Iowa
Event Center
Some BHS'67 Classmates' Web Sites
Just Let Me Know if You Too
Would Like to be Listed Here
Kim, Mom Mary Esther,
Lucia and Lonnie Hutchcroft
Gretchen will be performing for
Civic Music - April 16th, 2007  
Memorial Auditorium - Burlington
Erin Dyer
My Holsteen/Dyer Cousins
"Image of a Girl" by the Safaris
"Image of a Girl" by Jim Stephens and the "Safaris"
For those of us who had loud ticking clocks in our
houses [like I did] while having other thoughts on
our BHS'67 minds.
Newhart Show" and Comedy
Central's "That's My Bush" and
Voice on The Simpsons.  Marcia
was a Fairfield, Iowa  Parson's
College Grad
from Creston, Iowa
Fairfield's Own
Marcia Wallace
11/1/1942 - 10/25/2013
Breast Cancer
From Plainfield, N.J.
- The Critters -
Mr Dieingly Sad
August 13, 1966